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Rien ne va plus is one of the most haunting,
affecting novels I've ever read. Brilliantly translated
by Karen Emmerich, Karapanou's words have stayed with me
like the afterglow of a flash, or the sting of a punch.
—Jonathan Safran Foer







Rien ne va plus

by Margarita Karapanou

translated by Karen Emmerich

Every time I want to write, I want to write love stories. But as soon as I pick up the pen Iím overcome by horror.


Margarita Karapanou’s third novel is, like roulette, a breathtaking, suspenseful game. The story is simple: a love affair ends badly. A woman and a man marry, and their marriage leads them to cruelty, infidelity, and divorce. But here their story is told twice, from opposing perspectives. We don’t know whom to trust; the distinction between truth and deception blurs, then seems to disappear. It becomes impossible to tell love story from horror story, as Karapanou explores just what makes us want to read one or the other, just what makes each so tempting to write. The result is an ironic, seductive, brutal experiment, a devastating exploration of what it can mean to narrate any life. This novel refuses to shy from the moment of rien ne va plus—the moment in roulette when all bets are off and the game becomes fate; when, with an impossible faith, a masterly writer tells of her own dissolution.
ISBN: 9781566567725 • $15 paperback • October 2009
cover art © 2009 Ihrie Means



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